Public Speaking


Gervase has given speeches to leaders and professionals on leadership and managing change for over 30 years


Generative Leadership and Generative Change

The beliefs and actions of leaders who transform teams and organizations

Accelerating Transformational Change

How to lead change in volatile, uncertain, complex situations

Clear Leadership

How to create teams and organizations that can perform and learn simultaneously

Appreciative Leadership

How to get the best from people

Performance Amplification: Creating Change Without a Budget

How to build on strengths and create a continuous improvement culture

Appreciative Inquiry

How to create positive change in systems large and small

Creating and Sustaining Partnership

The essential conditions for making any kind of partnership work

Sample of previous keynote engagements

Conference Board of Canada, Shell Oil, BC Government Leaders Forum, Korean CEOs of Multinational Companies, UC Berkely Educational Leader's Conference, Ramboll-Attractor Summer Institute, OD Network, Denmark Leader's Conference, American Dietetic Association, European AI Network, Victoria Quality Council, BC Human Resource Management Association, Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices, Canadian Centre for Management Development, Telus, BC Advanced Systems Institute, European OD Network Conference, Canadian Tire, PerformGroup Melbourne Business Showcase, Canadian Pensions and Benefits Institute, Celenese Canada Leadership Institute.